48. Judging a book by its cover

THERE have been some great book covers in the past, and some pretty grim ones too. Though I don’t want to appear superior about these things, sometimes I look at a self-published book cover and can’t help laughing.

Perhaps they are meant to be funny, I don’t know. Certainly, the one below has always tickled me ever since the successful Indie Author Mark Edwards used it as an example of “how not to do it” at a conference for Self-Publishers in the Digital Age.


One of the authors at the same conference, Nick Spalding, revealed that it wasn’t until he changed the cover of his book that his sales suddenly took a leap and he ended up in the bestseller lists.

The great thing about being an Indie is that you can always change your cover if you feel another one might suit your purposes better.

My friend Ian Sutherland, author of the Hi-tech thrillers Invasion of Privacy and Social Engineer, has just taken the plunge, believing that although his original covers highlighted certain aspects of his stories, they might not have the same mass appeal as others in the genre.

I liked his early covers but I must admit the splash of colour added to the new ones brings them alive. Also, in the case of Invasion of Privacy, he is no longer focusing on the mysterious serial killer but putting you in the position of the victim. Eerie and effective. I hope he has every success with them. Here is Ian’s blog on changing covers.


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