47. Closing the Nook


Say it fast and a Nook eReader sounds like a person addicted to steamy romances.

To be perfectly honest, I’d never heard of one, never used one and never seen one before I decided to go into the publishing game. In fact, I had to google it to obtain this picture.nookereader

However, when I published my novel Crossing The Whitewash plenty of people suggested that I should make it available in this format for digital readers.

Barnes & Noble developed this particular eReader as their answer to Amazon’s Kindle and another device I’ve never seen, Kobo, which has being plugged quite ferociously in WH Smith’s lately.

So, of course, I loaded my novel to all these platforms and waited for the royalties to flood in.

Unfortunately, while Kindle sales have taken off and at the weekend I reached #12,600 in the “charts” and 52 in the Urban category – more successful than an All Saints reunion I might suggest – sales on Nook have been zero, zilch, nada.

Recently I wrote to them and suggested they might like to plug the book and they obliged. I was featured on new reads, but unfortunately they put the wrong blurb with the book which meant anyone buying it would be in for a shock.

The writing accompanying the book jacket suggested it was some sci-fi adventure, rather than a gritty UK gangland thriller. I made nine sales (a vast improvement on none), but wonder how many complained and got a refund.


To be fair, it seems to have pushed me up in the Nook First (the debut novel section) best-sellers list, anyhow.

Still, I mentioned the error to Nook and they graciously offered me another free promotion in the future, maybe to coincide with the Writer’s Digest Award announcement. Great!

Except now I read this… Barnes and Noble are pulling the plug on the Nook, cutting their losses. Oww!

I’m not quite sure what it means. After all, apparently Sainsbury’s are taking over sales in the UK. Confusing.

And there was I thinking it’s time for you Nook owners to put it up in the loft, next to your Betamax videoplayer, Sinclair C5, DeLorean sports car and complete collection of Robert Maxwell’s 24-hour newspaper.

Can anyone throw any more light on this?




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