44. From shredder to top of the charts

I’M up to about 4,500 Twitter followers now after adopting some of the tactics in my friend Ian H Sutherland’s book Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors.

It’s certainly an interesting process, though a lot of stuff that is uploaded on this brand of Social Media is quite frankly  bunkum. Call me old fashioned but I’m not really interested in sexy pictures of Hot Mums uploaded by spotty teens whose voices have just broken.

Nor do I get off on seeing people squeezing their spots with taglines like: “She thought it was just an ordinary spot, but when she squeezed it you’ll never believe what happened…” Quite frankly, don’t even try – and certainly don’t click the link if you are about to tuck into your evening meal.

Every now and then, though, something comes along that reinforces your resolve to carry on writing.

One such tweet was posted today by author Mike Wells, who told the story of his first novel Wild Child. He went ahead and self-published the book rather than follow the advice of agent and traditional publishers who wanted him to tinker with something he was already immensely happy with.

Things didn’t work out at first, but it was only after he paid to have 3,000 books shredded that his lucky break came. It’s a great story so I’ll say no more but share the link here.

An “American bestselling author of over 25 ‘unputdownable’ thriller & suspense novels”, you can follow Mike on Twitter at @MikeWellsAuthor. He has 112,000 followers, which puts my meagre number to shame.

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