32. Setting the scene

CROSSING THE WHITEWASH takes place in three main places; the East End of London, Cardiff and the South Wales valleys. I’ve never actually lived in the valleys myself, but I can boast a close affinity with the other two.

In fact, from the days I attended journalism college way back in the mists of time Cardiff has always had a strong draw for me, and since 1978 I have spent 19 years living in Wales’ capital city at various times.

Last week I was invited to write a blog post for the highly popular We Are Cardiff about some of my memories of this beautiful, fun city, which helped inspire my debut novel in no small measure.

I can honestly say that it provided me with my happiest journalism career moments, working as part of the mad, mad world of Wales on Sunday and helping to launch the UK’s first pullout sports section 26 years ago.

The characters and the laughs we shared on this unique paper even inspired me to write a blog “What I Cooked Last Night” back in the mid 2000s.

Anyway, this preamble is just to inform you I am cheating a bit this week because I am pushed for time, so am posting the link to the WeAreCardiff blog post for you to, hopefully, enjoy and get a flavour of the city.

  • Featured images courtesy of former Media Wales colleague Nick Machin’s instagram account

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