23. And… publish!

SORRY, I was just working my way through this blog entry when I was rudely interrupted. Their was a thump in the hallway. Racing out, I saw a large brown package from Amazon lying on the mat with my name on it, and my tummy did one of those strange fluttery things it is wont to do.

It was my books, the two copies I had ordered cost-price from Amazon just in case my bulk order from Createspace didn’t turn up in time for Sunday’s book launch.

Ripping the packaging open out fell two pristine, good as new books. They had my name on, the cover that together with JD Smith we had carefully designed, the blurb on the back which I had altered a number of times. Opening it up it had the acknowledgements and dedications I wanted.

And then… The prologue. The first word of my first-ever published novel was there. It was “THE”. And it was spelt right.

It’s been the end of a long, time-consuming, frustrating but highly rewarding journey. There are still some steps to go like distributing copies to some of the chosen independent bookshops who have kindly agreed to stock my title, and I’ve still got to crack the big names like Waterstones and Foyles.

But that’s for another day. Meanwhile I’m going to bask in the glory for a few days, enjoy the book launch, then pursue my other publicity and marketing objectives.

My good friend and best man Matt Withers has helped in no small measure. For the price of a couple of pints he has used me as a guinea pig to test his new Podcast training out. The result is a 20 minute interview with yours truly, including me reading a couple of extracts from the book. You can tune in to it here.

Meanwhile, if you are keen to get hold of the masterpiece its on sale here

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