19. Read my novel here first!

LAST WEEK I paid to promote my Facebook page, taking a chance and specifically targeting the advert at novel and sports-loving people in rugby-playing nations South Africa and New Zealand. It seemed to work a treat because I gained over 100 likes for my page in just seven days.

What I really need though is some interaction, which is why I’ve decided to extend the deadline to next Wednesday for people who want a sneaky peak at Crossing The Whitewash. The closer I get to a publication date – and I was thinking of July 1 – the more I find I am tinkering with things in a bid to make it as good as it can possibly be.

I am seeking people prepared to review my work and give me any helpful comments before publication. Anyone who wants a word document of the book can join my Mailing List via the links on my Facebook page and my website, and the five successful applicants will be chosen at random. Those who don’t succeed will get a free copy of my short story The Plagiarist which I’ve entered for a BBC Radio 4 competition.

Meanwhile, my tinkering has also taken me back to looking at the cover and this week I took the plunge and contacted JD Smith, who is legendary among Indie Authors for her designs. The process was pretty simple. I picked out a few book covers I liked from the same “thriller/suspense” genre and sent them off to her, plus a brief idea of what the book is about, and she quickly sent back some ideas.

Mainly, I took the American noir novellists James Ellroy and George Pellecanos as inspiration and, after JD had sourced some images we came up with this…

Crossing the Whitewash Cover MEDIUM WEB

While I was pleased with my original cover, by my friends Adam and Mari Walker, I think JD’s design has just added that air of menace required to make it sit comfortably alongside traditionally published books of the same genre. What do you think?

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